The science of happiness

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

1. What makes you feel good?
2. Do you think we can learn how to be happier?
3. Which good things in your life are you grateful for?

I would like to thank Alberto for the idea and the link!

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22 Responses to The science of happiness

  1. Hi Ana, It´s me Alberto,

    First of all you have nothing to thank me about, that was a pleasure for me.

    About the first question I think that the simplest things in life are the ones that make you feel better. For my part, listening to music, having a coffee with my friends or seeing my parents smile gives me a big satisfaction.

    As regards to the second question, I am completely sure about that. Sometimes we worry about things that are not so serious or we tend to think that problems are worse than they really are and I think that we can learn to face and solve them without feeling so depressed or stressed.

    Finally and answering to the third question I am grateful for having so good friends (the old and the new ones) and I am very grateful to my parents for all the good things that they had always done for me.

    See you.

  2. Andrea M says:

    Hi Ana, I'm Andrea.

    I have to say I almost cried!I love the video!

    In relation to the first question, for example sunny days, a hot shower when It's cold or seeing my family and friends to laugh makes me happy.

    About the second question, I think we can learn skills that help us to be happier, like don't worry too much about the problems, and enjoy as much as possible when we have a good time. Also, we shoud be optimistic and look on the bridht side.

    Finally, I am grateful for having good friends and family that always try to make me feel good and loved.

    See you.

  3. Hi Ana, I´m Ángela.

    I have been watching the video and I think it´s interesting, I like it.

    Now I´m going to answer the questions:

    1. If I think about what things make me feel good I could say to you a lot, because is in the small details, in the small things where I find the best moments. For example an afternoon with your family or your friends talking, having something, watching a film, laughing and crying, sharing stories and adventures with them… Other thing that make me feel good is receive care, affection of the most important people around me.

    2. Yes, about this question I only can say that is important smile to the life. We are learning always, in the bad and in the good moments. All events in our life give us experiences, knowledges and obviously everybody want to be happy.

    3. This is a good question... I ´m grateful for the life, for my family, for my friends, grateful for the love, for every moment that make me feel good!

    That´s all!

    See you tomorrow

  4. Fátima says:

    Hi Ana! I´m Fátima.
    It´s a great video! It makes think about happiness.
    I feel good when I have a family get together, above all, my nephew and niece. They´re very important for me.
    About the second question, I think the same that Andrea and Alberto. We can learn to be happier, althought it may be difficult for many people. In fact, there is a book named:"The secret" about the happinnes. It ´s very interersting. I recommend it.
    Finally, I´m gratefull to my family.
    See you tomorrow

  5. Uhm...I think I gonna phone some essential people right now...jejeje... And I am so proud of saying that I have a neverend list of people to say thank you. But if I would have to choose only one of course she would be my mam. Why...?For all... Because I know she lives for me everyday, in every single moment..
    At the end, I am convinced that the hapinness is quite simple: To realise that you can love people and people can love you too...(and this is not only like a Beattles song or a priest speech)
    The main problem is that there are too many ocassions we can see how so lucky we are. We always want more and more things, money, succsess, power... And we built a wall around us. But if we broken it, we will find just one human desire: "Somebody to love us"(Freddy Mercuri has already sung it quite good) About the next text...Sorry but I prefer not translate it:
    “Hay una sola grieta decididamente profunda, que es la que separa a la maravilla del hombre de los desmaravilladores”
    Mario Benedetti.

    Lets go!!! Be careful with "desmaravilladores" and enjoy the wonder of the world!!!

  6. Hi Ana, I´m Irene.

    This video is great!!!! I love it!

    About the first question, I feel good with the little things that we don´t consider important, for example, going for a walk with my best friend, the long conversations by telephone with my boyfriend and listening his laugh, seeing my family enjoy yourself or eating my favorite food.

    In relation to the second question, If we are optimistic and we find a solution to every problem, I think that we can learn to be happier; you will feel good about yourself.

    Finally, I am grateful for having good family that they give me much love and thanks to them, every day I get up with a smile.

    See you.

  7. Hi Ana, I'm Paqui.

    The video ..., made me cry. Interestingly, even science, is concerned with happiness.
    I think that happiness is essential, but it's in the little things in life such as walking and talking with the people you love, reading, helping other peoples, seeing work well done ... because they are things that make you feel good.
    I believe that we can learn to be happy, because you have to see he bright side of things, this way we put bad side of things away and then be a little happier.

    And the things in my life that I ‘m grateful for, a few, having my children, being surrounded by people who love you and help you. I thank life to live!

  8. Hi Ana, I´m Noelia,
    Firt of all, I’ve liked very much the video.
    In reply to your first question, make me feel good things very common, for example: going out with my friends to a tea- room or a pub and having a tea or a beer while we are chatting about everything we’ve done during the week . Of course, make me feel good too meeting my boyfriend to go to the cinema, a restaurant or simply watching a film at home. I´m really feel good and emotional when all my family get together in special occasions because we don’t have many opportunities to see one another.

    In relation to the second one, I think we can learn to be happier appreciating positive things we have, instead of being sad for these negative aspects of our life we can´t change in this moment or have not solution. Having a objetive in mind and fighting for it, maintaining a positive attitude and not giving up it when appears the first obstacle is important too.On the other hand, we couldn’t wait to miss important persons or things for us in our life to start to appreciate these or them. So, it´s better for me, give your love your family, your couple and your friends while you have the opportunity.

    And finally, I´m very grateful for the good persons who take part in my life .My famili, my boyfriend and my friends who always worry about me, help me and give me a lot of advices and sincere support when i need of these, love me and make me have a good time in moments of happinness.
    See you

  9. Hi Ana, I'm Lucía
    What an emotional video! I really like it!
    Answering your questions, there are many things thar make me happy, for example: watching films in winter under my blanket hugging my boyfriend and drinking hot chocolate or hot tea, or walking on the beach, enjoying a relaxing bath, painting, cooking... In general, everything that help me clearing my mind makes me happy, beside family meetings, going out with my friends and doing things that make me feel useful, like aiding in a NGO for example.

    Yes, I think that being happy is something related to our way of live, and our way of meet the challenges, if we know how to accept them and overcome them, Sometimes, our happiness is threatened by our negativity. I think that the key to happiness lies in ourselves, in our mind, and it's up to us to get it!

    I'm really grateful for having that someone special to love him and to be loved by him, and for having the best friends all over the world who are always there when needed. But one of the best things that I'm grateful for is for being able to enjoy the small (and free) pleasures of life.

    Finally, I leave a link to hear a song that's really related to our topic:

  10. Vikroal says:

    Hi Ana,

    Very nice video :) Really thought-provoking.

    There are many things that make me feel good. Being with my friends is a really pleasant experience, and I'm usually looking forward to it. Also, traveling with my girlfriend is something I really enjoy...and last but not least, seeing my family happy makes me happy as well.

    However I do think we can learn how to be happier. Our daily life makes us get really stressed, and in the end we forget how to enjoy life. It's important to remind ourselves to look at the bright side of things and look for the silver lining whenever we have a problem.

    I am grateful for having gotten the chance to study, to travel, to have good friends and to enjoy some precious moments in my life.

  11. HEllo Ana,I am Rocío Márquez:
    That is my redaction about "Happiness" :
    I think everybody have a great question, at least once in life: “What is happiness?” People from every countries try to answer that question. Somebody says happiness is like freedom. They usually says when you really feel you can do anything, and you can make all you want, you must be happy. Then, another people says you can not be happy if you haven't got enough money. And somebody says happiness isn't be rich. I think happiness is a feeling that you can't controle. Some days you wake up and you feel the happiest person, and you can't explain why. For me, happiness is the objective we want to get. But that objective isn't the end on a way. I feel happy when I were having some coffee or some beer with some friends . I feel happy when I go to the cinema, or when I were watching a TV show at home. And I feel happy if my friends come home to visit me. I felt happy when I come to Málaga, and I will feel happy when I pass my english exam. I don't think happiness can be learnt. Probably it is something that we must improvise. If we could learn to be happy, everyobody would be happy, and it isn't true now. Finally, I think to be happy is so much important to be with happy people. Happiness is not posible if you are near tragedies and sad people. I thank to have a family that make me happy, because they are important for me.
    And here my answer about these questions:
    1.I think a long the week we probably do some acts that which don't really things about it. Go clubbing, go to a restaurant or visit a friend...
    2.I don't think happiness can be learnt. Because the things make you happy now maybe don't make you happy on the future.
    3.I think my family is the most important support in my life. Without them I think I don't really have someone who can make give me the segurity that I need to be happy. Althought I think you are who say how you are going to be happy, the fact that you can't feel good when you are with a lot of sad people it's true. You need be with people who makes you happy and they be happy too.

  12. Rosa Nebro 1BS1

    1.- I think that there are a lot of things which can make me feel good. For example, when I help someone or when I am with my friends or my family. But, I think that the best things in our life happen when we don't hope them. So, I'm always feel good when something unexpected happen to me.
    2.- From my point of view, we can't learn how be happy, because there aren't rules or knowledge which tell us how is the way to get the happiness. But, we can be happier if we get all that we need to be happy in spite of the problems that we will have.
    3.- The most important thing that I have and I am very grateful is people who love me and help me, like my family and my friends, because they are essential to me. Without them, I couldn't be happy.

  13. Elisa S. says:

    Elisa Sánchez Ramírez. 1BC.

    1. I think that being with my friends. I am always happy when I am with them, because I feel like they are the family I chose. Also another thing that makes me happier is to help others. It doesn´t matter if I don´t know them, just knowing that I am making them feel better makes me feel a good person.

    2. Yes, I think we can. We just have to look for happines in the small things and stop worrying about stupid things. We sometimes tend to make problems bigger than they are.

    3. For my friends that always support me and for the beautiful things in the world that make it less sad.

  14. 1. Being with my friends and my family, doing sports or listening to music are things that makes me feel good.

    2. Yes, if you enjoy with small things and don´t worry about things without importance you will be happier.

    3. Feel that my friends and my family love me and feel good myself are things that grateful for me.

  15. María Alcántara 1BS1.

    1.The most important things that make me feel good are: do things that I like to do, and be with the people who love me and who make me have fun, like family and friends. Moreover, in my opinion, is important to feel good get my achievements and help people to solve their problems.

    2.Yes, I think we can learn how to be happier because we can try to enjoy all the experiences in our life, get something positive of the things that we don't like and change the things that are bad for us. Furthermore, we can learn to have a positive mind.

    3.I am grateful for many things that I have, but specially for my friends and my family because they are very important to make me smile and to make me feel good.

  16. Juan Alberto Díaz Pozo 1BS1

    1:It makes me happy to be with my friends and family and help them whatever, listening to music, playing with my dogs and go to the beach.

    2:Of course, we can try to be more positive and see life differently, to surround ourselves with people who want us to enjoy every moment.

    3:I am grateful I have family, good friends because they make me feel good.

  17. Carla Yáñez Fuentes 1BS1

    1. There are a lot of things that makes me feel good, but the most important and essential moments for me to be happy are these little moments where you forgive all your problems and you only focus on laugh and laugh either with your family or your friends. The another one situation which makes me feel so good is when someone has a problem and I help him somehow because I feel proud of myself and able to do whatever to make people feel good too.

    2. No, I think that happiness can't be learnt. In my opinion each person has a special and different way to feel happy because everyone has different personalities and behaviors so there isn't any method to learn to be happier because it depends on the person and the situation. The concept of happiness is different for each person.

    3. I'm grateful for have a good health, the chance to study, a mother who has made the role of a father, three wonderful sisters and nephews... All of them know how to make me feel happy.

  18. Javi Jiménez Almodóvar. 1BS1

    1. I think that in order to be a happy person you have to have friends and a good family and people who help you in your daily life. Also for me is so important feel that I'm important for the others. I also need to have fun with people and it's so important feel comfortable with people and with your own. And finally I think that is very important be positive.

    2. From my point of view I think that no. I think that we can't learn how to be happy because happiness is a natural thing and we can´t change it. But it's true that every person is different. And for that reason I also think that we can learn how to be more positive and how to be friendlier and this things can help us to be happier but I think that is very difficult change the personality of people.

    3. I'm grateful for have a good family who loves me, a lot of good friends who make me happy and also a good life and although I don't like to study I think that have the chance to study is very important for me and for my future.

  19. Juan Gavilán Fernández 1BS1

    1.Things that makes me feel happy are spend my time with friends, go for walk at the beach with my friends or my girlfriend, go to Malaga's football matches and get good marks.

    2.I think that yes. I think we can learn not to worry so much about problems, enjoy as much as possible every moment and be patient about problems because everything is temporary.

    3.I am grateful for my family because sometimes they endure my angre but they don't get angry with me and they always support me with everything. I am grateful about have a good house, have something to eat everyday and have a good health too.

  20. Juan José Ríos Jiménez 1BS1

    1. The most important things and people that make me feel good is sports because I need do sport for unburden when I am angry, but really I feel good if I have people love me, for example my family and my friends, they are very important for me.

    2. In my opinion, we can’t learn how to be happier because people have different personality and we can learn be good, or we can be more positive. I think that the happiness is something that you get throughout your life, like if you get your objectives or you have people love you, but you can’t learn be happier.

    3. I am grateful for having so beautiful family and I am very grateful to my friends and my girlfriend for all goods things that they do every day for me.

  21. Ángela Valdivia, 1BS1

    1. Making people happy and be with my family and friends.

    2. I think that we can learn to be happy. we must find the positive to the negative, if there are problems to solve them... life is based on learning.
    As a phrase said: ''If life gives you sticks, make a hut''

    3. I am thankful for my family, friends and pets (which are no less important).

  22. Unknown says:

    Ana Rodríguez, 1BS1
    1.I feel good when I make the things good,when I meet with my friends, when I do sport, when I have a my family near, when I listen to music,when I feel good with myself, when I get over an obstacle without giving up and when I try to pursue my dreams.
    2. I think that No because be happy is not a thing that we can learn, since is something your, that is to say, you know the things that you make be happy, you dont need learn as be happy. For example: If you like danser and make you happy, not have because to all the world like it and not thus they havent because not be happy.
    3. When I get over an obstacle, is something that make me feel good with myself and I feel that is grateful,since is something that pursue for a long time and when you make it you make feel great and you feel that you did well.

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